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Paramount 100th Anniversary poster

Paramount 100th Anniversary poster by Gallery 1988. Totally cool use of icons, and all 3 films from the Indiana Jones trilogy made the cut. Sadly, so did Justin Bieber. How many can you identify?


Indiana Jones trilogy poster set by Maxime Pecourt

As a designer, every once in a while we see a set of posters and want to kick ourselves for not thinking of it first.

2012 will be a big year for Dr. Jones fans with the films hitting Blu-Ray for the first time, and French designer Maxime Pecourt created these awesome posters to celebrate. Pecourt is obviously an Indiana Jones purist, choosing to illustrate the original trilogy only and sticking with the original title of Raiders without the late addition of Indiana Jones and the…

Items integral to each film are laid out to create that film’s MacGuffin, and you can get one or the whole set for yourself here. Enjoy!

Star Wars: Identities exhibition posters

Posters for the forthcoming Star Wars: Identities museum exhibit. WOW.

Sasquatch! motion video

Fantastic video for the 2012 Sasquatch! lineup. Character design by Invisible Creature; animation by Wintr and Something Savage. And check out the poster detail below, also by IC.

These BAFTA people really know what they’re doing

Check it out. Posters created for the 2012 BAFTA Best Film nominees, designed by Eda Akaltun & StudioSmall.

30 Covers, 30 Days wrap-up

The Office of Letters and Light blog just wrapped up their annual 30 Covers, 30 Days event that spans the month of November each year. John Gall, vice president and art director for Vintage/Anchor Books, assembles a team of 30 designers each year to redesign one book cover in 24 hours.

This year’s pool of talent included Jessica Hische and Paul Sahre, among others. 30 Covers, 30 Days is a collaborative event that cross promotes designers and authors in a creative way that I now look forward to towards the end of each year, and I’ve included a few of my favorites from this year’s event for your viewing pleasure. Check out the entire collection at the link above, and enjoy!

The art of the title

Two fantastic videos on the history of movie title design from Art of the Title. The first, A Brief History of Title Design, a montage of the most unique title sequences in film history, was released back in March 2011. The second (my favorite) is fresh and covers the title design career of Saul Bass, most of which is unsurprisingly covered in the first video. I love how the audio syncs up with Bass’ titles in this one.

Art of the Title is a leading web resource of film and television title design from around the world that, according to the site, “honor[s] the artists who design excellent title sequences. We discuss and display their work with a desire to foster more of it, via stills and video links, interviews, creator notes, and user comments.” Check it out. There are plenty of great videos.

A Brief History of Title Design

The Title Design of Saul Bass