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Activate photography

Sharing a series of photos I’ve been working on for the last two years to promote the Campus Recreation department at Illinois State’s ACTIVATE campaign. I have several more of these (big emphasis on “several”) but these are some of my favorites. The series won a Silver ADDY Award in 2011.

Photos were taken by Lyndsie Schlink while I directed and did the post production work. All models were current students and recreational athletes only at the time of production. Glad to finally get some of these online. I’ll be sharing more from the series soon, so come back!


Red Frog Events

Illinois State University alumni-owned business Red Frog Events ranked Number 9 on Crain’s 2012 list of the 20 Best Places to Work. I’ve worked on several stories about Red Frog over the last few years and had the opportunity to visit the last 3 iterations of their office space, with this current space being one of the coolest office environments I’ve ever experienced. The video captures just about everything: tree houses, zip lines, a conference room hidden behind a book shelf. There’s even a small rock climbing wall in one corner of the office. Check this place out!

Here’s the cover shot I put together when we last visited for a feature in the College of Business magazine, which recently won a Regional ADDY Award. The shot features owner Joe Reynolds along with a few of his fellow Illinois State alumni employees.

Cover from the first feature I designed about Red Frog; 2 offices prior when they were still located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. At this time they had about 800 square feet and less than 10 employees, only 2 years prior to opening the office shown above. Downtown Chicago skyline in the background.

Setting up the tree house shot.

Magazine spread sneak peek

Illinois State magazine May issue coverSneak peek today of the opening spread for a feature I just finished on Ralph Lauren model Pierre Woods for the May issue of Illinois State magazine. Woods is a GQ cover model, the face of Ralph Lauren’s 2008 Olympic Collection, and a pretty down-to-earth dude. We did a candid, tandem interview/photo shoot and I think his personality really came out in the images.

© Photography by Lyndsie Schlink.

Wear Red campaign: Part 2

So three weeks later I’m finally getting around to posting phase 2 of the Wear Red campaign. My two week vacation with nothing to do really cut into my posting schedule.

Anyway, for the second part of our Wear Red campaign we installed a series of exterior elevator door graphics across campus. All of the photos were shot in one day at the same location, and feature various in-season sports (at the time they were taken) along with a student group. We’ll continue to do these with athletic teams and specific student groups as the year progresses.

I love the way these turned out—it’s definitely a unique utilization of advertising space—and all the students had a great time participating, except for the two football players that had to squat down the whole time. If you’re on Illinois State campus you should begin seeing these over the next couple weeks, so go check them out. And also check out Wear Red Part 1 from a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Wear Red campaign: Part 1

A series of photos/posters to promote our new Wear Red on Friday campaign at Illinois State. Gave us a reason to paint the ugly brick walls in the back room and get some free t-shirts printed up.

Phase 2 will be a series of elevator installations that are turning out to be pretty darn cool, with the first one going up later today now that students are moving out. Check back for those images in a few days.

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My transformation into a George Romero zombie

Zombie professor in classroom photo

“Sleep is an important part of overall health and well being. When you don’t get enough sleep you are slow, vacant and lacking focus–much like a zombie.

To promote sleep awareness at Illinois State University we’re working on a campaign for the health and wellness department to prevent students, faculty, and staff from turning into zombies. Awareness began last week when theatre students posing as zombies passed out survival kits, consisting of sleep aids, on the quad. Print materials will follow shortly, some of which include myself (above) as a zombie professor whose lack of sleep has led to an unruly classroom. Learn more about surviving the outbreak at Hit the jump for more photos of my transformation.

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