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Paramount 100th Anniversary poster

Paramount 100th Anniversary poster by Gallery 1988. Totally cool use of icons, and all 3 films from the Indiana Jones trilogy made the cut. Sadly, so did Justin Bieber. How many can you identify?


I said I would never design wedding invitations

A couple of projects today that I finished a few months back. Both my sister and sister-in-law were married 2 weeks apart in March, and I designed a shower invitation for my sister-in-law (above) and the wedding invite for my sister (below). The wedding invitation uses one of those Envelopments pocket envelopes and I had the shower invite printed on a thick woven, linen paper. Enjoy!

Indiana Jones trilogy poster set by Maxime Pecourt

As a designer, every once in a while we see a set of posters and want to kick ourselves for not thinking of it first.

2012 will be a big year for Dr. Jones fans with the films hitting Blu-Ray for the first time, and French designer Maxime Pecourt created these awesome posters to celebrate. Pecourt is obviously an Indiana Jones purist, choosing to illustrate the original trilogy only and sticking with the original title of Raiders without the late addition of Indiana Jones and the…

Items integral to each film are laid out to create that film’s MacGuffin, and you can get one or the whole set for yourself here. Enjoy!

Sasquatch! motion video

Fantastic video for the 2012 Sasquatch! lineup. Character design by Invisible Creature; animation by Wintr and Something Savage. And check out the poster detail below, also by IC.

These BAFTA people really know what they’re doing

Check it out. Posters created for the 2012 BAFTA Best Film nominees, designed by Eda Akaltun & StudioSmall.

Check out my new website

I just launched a new portfolio site at Go check it out!

This is a project I’ve been meaning to start for some time and I’m glad it’s finally done. Two JQuery plugins are used for the site function: Quicksand, which indexes and runs the filterable categories and creates the sliding effect of the images when a different category is selected, and Fancybox for the pop-up image galleries.

The homepage template, named Atlas, was provided by Purty and can be downloaded here. If you’re looking for an easy way to get your own portfolio online I highly recommend it.

There are still a few thumbnail images I would like to change, and two projects that I’ve yet to upload images of, but I just wanted to get this sucker online for now. Enjoy!