Oh God, The Aftermath

Oh God, The Aftermath is a generative video experience I created as a final class project using Max/MSP/Jitter. The Max patch (Max project file) overlays 4 separate video files into a dynamic video presentation that is ever evolving and indefinite in length. The videos are divided into their red, green, and blue channels by a random control that also filters their individual opacity levels, resulting in a unique playback experience with each use.

The above 3 minute clips are a random sample of 10 recordings I made to showcase the varying experience created each time the video is run. For those experienced in Max, you can download a screen shot of the patch here, showing how the piece functions.

Due to the bleak nature of the overlapping video clips—The piece includes video of man-made effects on nature, military bomb testing footage, and clips from a documentary on the Chernobyl fallout—and ominous soundtrack, I named the finished experience after the album by Norma Jean and novel of the same name by detailsofthewar. The final video experience, in my opinion, shares many thematic similarities with both.

The project, however, is intended as a tool as well, with the capability to play any videos (2–4 at a time) with the ability to edit the playback/overlapping functions and create any number of thematic, random video experiences.

This project was my first experience with video and the Max software. Special thanks to artist Owen Lloyd for answering my emails, so I knew I was on the right track with the patch functionality.


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