Digital watercolor collage series

This is a project I’ve wanted to work on ever since I saw Invisible Creature’s package design for Ivoryline’s There Came a Lion (Read more about my admiration for Invisible Creature here.) And you can definitely tell where my inspiration came from for the first one.

I started with some abstract, free-form watercolor paintings, using the shape to guide the direction of the main imagery. I had intended to pursue different animal themes for each, but my partiality for bird imagery as decoration kept swaying my subconscious to see birds in each shape. After the watercolors were scanned in the rest was done digitally with found imagery, sticking with a vintage collage theme for all three including handwritten letters, postmarks, old newspaper clippings, etc.

Whereas the paintings used for the CD packaging were much more representative of the final imagery, I wanted to keep these more abstract and open for representation. You can view the original watercolor abstracts side-by-side with each finished piece below—with the third being, obviously, the one I took the most liberty with the shape of the abstract. Aside from the watercolors, I gave myself an hour per piece to finish each as a fun exercise.

I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out, and think I was successful in creating something that appears hand-made with digital technology. I haven’t decided what to call them yet, though. All suggestions welcome.


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2 responses to “Digital watercolor collage series”

  1. mediaudio says :

    These are so awesome! Great design and technique and the colors really jump out at you. I’m a huge fan of the abstract, but this would be cool even if I weren’t!

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