Pride and Passion

Sharing a project today that I just finished: A brochure for an exhibit titled Pride & Passion: The African American Baseball Experience. It’s for a touring exhibit on Negro League baseball sponsored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame that will be on display at Milner Library March–May, 2012.

This project was a ton of fun. One of those rare instances where the client gives you the freedom to create something unique, and as an added bonus I happen to be a huge baseball fan. From the start I was adamant that no text appear on the cover, utilizing an image of a harshly-lit baseball signed by Negro League players as a stand-alone cover to evoke both the history of the league and hardships that players faced through anonymity. The title of the exhibit appears on a cover flap, folded in between the inside cover and first page, that can be removed and used as a bookmark (for the library guests) as well as the back cover.

The piece is printed on an uncoated stock with two hits of UV coating on the cover, creating a spot varnish effect on the baseball itself. The black background and signatures on the ball appear to be coated while the ball remains dull.

The project hit a small bump in the road near the end when it was requested to add the title on the front cover, but through a showing of “pride and passion” in this piece on my own behalf we were able to come to the agreement that the original design (what you see here) was a fitting testament to the legacy of Negro League baseball. And not to contradict myself (see my last post) I used a Berkeley Oldstyle ampersand in the title because its long swooping descender fit in better with the typography of the title wordmark.

All imagery was provided by the Baseball Hall of Fame. Enjoy…

The back cover, featuring a Jackie Robinson Dodger’s jersey housed in the Hall of Fame.

Detail of the first inside spread. The back of the title flap (bookmark) contained additional web resources related to the project. The ampersand in the title, primarily opaque against the red, is lost in the photo detail.


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