The life and death of a street art campaign

squirrel close up

Unfortunately as designers, we sometimes take a project to completion just to see it canceled. This is one of those projects.

The health and wellness department (also responsible for the zombie campaign I recently posted) at the institution I work for, which will remain unnamed to protect the innocent, reached out a while back for a unique method to deliver a number of health-related messages on campus. In order to connect with students they wanted to use squirrels, which sometimes seem to overpopulate campus, as the delivery method. The client’s initial idea was to produce single-panel cartoon strips that would be published in the student newspaper.

My fascination for street art immediately led me to turn this into a guerrilla marketing campaign, with Banksy’s rats and monkeys the inspiration for my message-bearing squirrels. Several were produced, about half of which are presented here, and taken to completion—even given final approval—before someone higher up determined that the work was just too controversial to be released on a college campus full of adults.

The work presented here represents the various window clings, stencils, and building installations that were to be produced. Special thanks to my clients at Health Promotion and Wellness who are always willing to let us push boundaries with their projects.

Not surprised this one got cut

Those pesky squirrels, always leaving their cigarette butts lying around


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