I still buy CDs

Foo Fighters CD package

I still buy CDs thanks to a handful of design firms that still put passion into designing for music media, namely Invisible Creature whose work for the Foo Fighters album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is pictured above. IC is a Seattle-based firm run by brothers Don and Ryan Clark, cofounders of the now defunct firm Asterik Studios and members of the metalcore band Demon Hunter. With album covers not receiving the focus they did in the 70s and 80s, and album sales dwindling due to the popularity of digital downloads, Invisible Creature approaches music packaging design with the intent to prove it’s still important.

Originally a fan of Asterik Studios’ work, I have followed the Clark brothers since founding IC and even discovered new music interests due to their work. Whether or not I’m a fan of the band, If Don and Ryan designed the packaging I’ll typically pick up the album anyway, knowing that each package will be treasured and likely provide future inspiration. Personal favorites include their work for The Chariot’s The Fiancee; Norma Jean’s O God, The Aftermath, for which they received a Grammy nomination; and the more recent Starflyer 59’s My Island.

Additional links:
Invisible Creature homepage
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