Long time, no see

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Paramount 100th Anniversary poster

Paramount 100th Anniversary poster by Gallery 1988. Totally cool use of icons, and all 3 films from the Indiana Jones trilogy made the cut. Sadly, so did Justin Bieber. How many can you identify?

Activate photography

Sharing a series of photos I’ve been working on for the last two years to promote the Campus Recreation department at Illinois State’s ACTIVATE campaign. I have several more of these (big emphasis on “several”) but these are some of my favorites. The series won a Silver ADDY Award in 2011.

Photos were taken by Lyndsie Schlink while I directed and did the post production work. All models were current students and recreational athletes only at the time of production. Glad to finally get some of these online. I’ll be sharing more from the series soon, so come back!

I said I would never design wedding invitations

A couple of projects today that I finished a few months back. Both my sister and sister-in-law were married 2 weeks apart in March, and I designed a shower invitation for my sister-in-law (above) and the wedding invite for my sister (below). The wedding invitation uses one of those Envelopments pocket envelopes and I had the shower invite printed on a thick woven, linen paper. Enjoy!

Red Frog Events

Illinois State University alumni-owned business Red Frog Events ranked Number 9 on Crain’s 2012 list of the 20 Best Places to Work. I’ve worked on several stories about Red Frog over the last few years and had the opportunity to visit the last 3 iterations of their office space, with this current space being one of the coolest office environments I’ve ever experienced. The video captures just about everything: tree houses, zip lines, a conference room hidden behind a book shelf. There’s even a small rock climbing wall in one corner of the office. Check this place out!

Here’s the cover shot I put together when we last visited for a feature in the College of Business magazine, which recently won a Regional ADDY Award. The shot features owner Joe Reynolds along with a few of his fellow Illinois State alumni employees.

Cover from the first feature I designed about Red Frog; 2 offices prior when they were still located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. At this time they had about 800 square feet and less than 10 employees, only 2 years prior to opening the office shown above. Downtown Chicago skyline in the background.

Setting up the tree house shot.

Indiana Jones trilogy poster set by Maxime Pecourt

As a designer, every once in a while we see a set of posters and want to kick ourselves for not thinking of it first.

2012 will be a big year for Dr. Jones fans with the films hitting Blu-Ray for the first time, and French designer Maxime Pecourt created these awesome posters to celebrate. Pecourt is obviously an Indiana Jones purist, choosing to illustrate the original trilogy only and sticking with the original title of Raiders without the late addition of Indiana Jones and the…

Items integral to each film are laid out to create that film’s MacGuffin, and you can get one or the whole set for yourself here. Enjoy!